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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bear's Faith

This great quote by Bear was just brought to my attention from Channel 4 in Brittain:

Interviewer: You have a strong faith - is that important to you when you're out in extreme environments?

Bear: Yes, but my Christian faith is also a big part of my everyday life. I always say that it takes a proud man to say that he needs nothing, and I freely admit that I've needed that faith in my life, and it's been a real backbone for me. But it's not just a support when I'm out there; it's a wonderful thing in really positive moments as well. I remember when I was in the Amazon, in the middle of a really dense bit of rainforest, where no human would have ever been or probably will ever go again, and looking up and seeing at the top of a tree a beautiful bright purple flower, and thinking 'Nobody's ever going to see that flower. That's God's extravagance.' Even though no-one's ever going to see it, he just can't help but create something beautiful.

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Wayne "Douglas" Greene said...

Thank you for including this post about "Bear's" faith. It is refreshing to see God get the glory for His creation in printed articles.

S said...

God's extravagance- that's a nice way to put it!

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