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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pictures From Da Mi

The photos below come from a trip to Da Me, 4 hours north of Phan Thiet, on the back side of Song Len Mountain.

Locals seem to have 3 main livelihoods in this highlands area. Beekeeping is probably the most unique--in fact its the only place I've seen entire villages raise bees in Vietnam.

Locals also raise goats, much like the rest of Binh Thuan Province.

Here they are drying edible bamboo.

Traditional houses of the Co Ho (also spelled K'ho) minority. This area is the only place in Vietnam where I've seen whole villages of traditional houses--built on stilts with thatched roofs. Even in the central highlands, these houses are very rare now... but in northern Binh Thuan, we have thousands of them. On the opposite side of the mountain, the Gai Rai minority lives in a very different style of house.

And of course, Da Me Lake, otherwise known as Thuan Nam Lake--a major source of both hydro-electricity and drinking water for Phan Thiet and western Binh Thuan Province.

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