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Monday, August 4, 2008

Vietnam Must Do More to Protect Sea Turtles

I'm happy to report that "Shop Vu Ha" in the Eden Mall on 106 Nguyen Hue in downtown Saigon is scheduled to close next week. This can be attributed to the many tourists who chose to complain about all the dead lacquered sea turtles rather than actually buy anything in the shop. What's an atrocity however, is that we had to wait 6 months for the shop to die a natural death--rather than have the many government and police officials who visit the mall to actually do anything about it themselves. Pictured below is a collage of Vietnam's fascination with dead sea turtles.

Dead Sea Turtles for sale in Saigon

Dead Sea Turtles for sale in Nha Trang

Dead Sea Turtles for Sale in Ha Noi

Dead Sea Turtles for sale in Vung Tau

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