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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Day Around Phan Thiet

Lost childhood

Happy as though they may seem to be, children don't end up as monks of their own choice. They are sent there for a variety of reasons, stemming from health problems the parents can't afford or because the parents are just too poor to care for the children, or sometimes because the parents believe the children are possessed by a demon and sending them to the pagoda is the only way they know to address the problem.

Ancient Temple Roof Ornamentation

Yet Another New Temple

This massive but of architecture was one of seven new temples I could see under construction or recently built in a 180 degree cityscape in a single neighborhood behind the market. So much for shunning materialism

Ancient Temple Mural of a Ky Lan

Phan Thiet and Muong Mang Seen from the LZ Betty

Entrance to One of Phan Thiets Secret Ancient Temples

Alley Life

Bedtime visitor on the doorstep

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