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Friday, October 3, 2008

Fighting Plagiarism in the Vietnamese Government and Local Businesses

I've had to deal with numerous issues of plagiarism lately as I find more and more of my stories and photos printed across the web. Most recently is the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, as well as Binh Thuan Tourist (the local government-pseudo-private-enterprise-tourist-agency). It's sad that government offices know so little about their own country that they have to copy the words of a foreign visitor to say anything meaningful. I'm also still in the process of getting over 30 articles of copied stories (plus photos) removed from the local news site, Binh Thuan Today.

Below is en email sent to the govt. ministry today:

Dear Pham Thi My,

I recently browsed your website and was very surprised to find that your ministry had copied my intellectual property. If you would like to print an apology, formally request permission to print the articles, and give me full credit by name (including a link to my website), I would consider the possibility of granting your ministry permission to print the articles. If however, you are unable to do this, please do the following:

Please immediately remove my story which you have copied and posted online at:

It was taken from my website at:

Likewise, please remove your article:

which was taken from:

Also, please remove your article:

which was taken from:

As a member of the WTO, Vietnam is bound by international copyright law, and it is illegal, even for the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, to copy copyrighted material without permission.


Adam Bray
Mui Ne, Vietnam

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