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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pho Lau: Bun Bo Hue in Phan Thiet

A new eatery just opened up at 55-57 Tuyen Quang Street in Phan Thiet. It's going to be a real trend setter. It's the first such street-side single-dish eatery to put a special emphasis on the setting--much like the cafes do in Phan Thiet. Normally such eateries are hole-in-the-walls without aesthetic sensibility. If successful, I expect numerous places to open up in the coming months following the same pattern. It's a welcome change.

The restaurant serves Bun Bo Hue in the morning. While I don't like Bun Bo myself (I find it to be bland, I don't like the cuts of meat, and bun noodles are difficult to eat in a soup), I accept that is a personal preference, and what the do--they do well. In the afternoons and evenings I believe they serve hot pot. The restaurant has a perky yellow color scheme and is decorated with bountiful flowers and greenery. Tables have table cloths and fancy cafe-style chairs. It's maticulously clean, and the menus are in English.

If you like Bun Bo, or even if you haven't tried it before, I highly recommend a visit to Pho Lau.

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