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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Flowers of Binh Thuan Province

In the Dry Season, much of coastal Binh Thuan Province is a desert wasteland. During the rainy season however, the desert blooms.

These flowers are commonly found growing up bushes and trees in the scrublands.

These flowers are found along the ground, typically at the base of other bushes.

I'm told the orange blooms of this flower are edible--and sweeter than sugar cane.

These fragrant flowers attract lots of flies and bees

On the inside, this wild fruit, which grows on mountain slopes, looks much like a longan, but on the outside, like a small orange. I've been given conflicting reports on whether it is edible or not.

This large flower grows plentifully on wooded hillsides.

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Tank said...

Those flowers get more beautiful due to your recognization and artful pictures as well. I agree that those flowers and fruits are very strange.
As for the plagiarism, I am terribly sorry about it. As a Vietnamese, I am so shameful for other Vietnamese have done for your mental childs.
I am sorry ...

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