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Thursday, November 27, 2008

From Gordon A. in Canada

I received this note today:

"I just spent two weeks in Mui Ne and by far the biggest (only) hassle of the place is constantly being harrassed by moto-taxi drivers. It would be nice to just go for a walk during the day or stagger back to my room after a night out with these buggers chasing me down the street. They have even waited outside Wax bar for me and insulted my female friend by asking how much she was charging for the "ride" home. Had it been at home I would have been obliged to do the manly thing and defend her honour. I would have destroyed the cheeky twerp. I met people in business renting scooters and motos, I vastly preferred getting around on my own. I am thinking of traveling the country by moto. but of course I would have to adjust my plans to return to Mui Ne and Phan Thiet. I simply will not submit to being harrassed by these clowns again."

Unfortunately our current situation with the police pulling over foreigners and confiscating motorbikes will probably only add to the frustration of visitors like Gordon...

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