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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sea Links Develops

Sea Links has an open house for its members and the press from Saigon on December 12. Would be nice to be invited so I can cover it in this blog... hint... hint...

To prepare for the event, they have repaired and upgraded the roads around the corner of their property. The road hugs the rocky coastline and dunes (and incidentally is the site of numerous fatal accidents due to the treacherousness of the curves in the road). The alterations look nice, and it's great because since it is a public stretch of road, the public benefits from the upgrade (Thank You Sea Links and Rang Dong!) It looks like a nice promenade is being shaped along the beach. My only hope there is that the beachside will remain open to the public, as it always has been, once the changes are completed.

My only other request, if I may be so bold... Sea Links, (or Mr. Rang Dong), while you are in the midst of the road upgrade, could you donate a few speed bumps to help fight the traffic and speeding problems in Mui Ne?

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