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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Warning to Animal Lovers: you may find the last image in this post (#5 below) disturbing.

My recent working trip for Thomas Cook included several days in icey-cold Sapa. As I'm acclimated to the climate of the tropics and own no cold-weather clothing, I had to wear 7 layers of shirts (nearly everything in my bag) but still was uncomfortably cold. I was amazed that most hotels and restaurants in Sapa don't have adequate heating.

Black H'mong and Red Dao women selling suvenires in Sapa

Black H'mong women. The H'mong were supported by the USA in the war, and as such, receive little aid from the Vietnamese government and live in extreme poverty.

Red Dao woman

typical Sapa scenery

I thought Hanoians loved dog till I came to Sapa. Dog meat is everywhere here and signs for Bun Thit Cho on every street corner.

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