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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fake News

Through my investigation of a variety of news items, including the recent tourist bus crash and the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia, I've noted a troubling trend for "journalists" to fake their news stories. Perhaps its should be no surprise, given how little journalists are paid any more--if anything at all. It seems like all the "real investigative journalism" is done by amateurs posting on websites now. I think its safe to say professional investigative journalism is dead.

As I check the web to find updates on the bus crash, I've been troubled to find all of the fake photos accompanying stories. All are stock photos from other landscapes far outside the area--or even Vietnam. Likewise, the busses shown are certainly not the bus involved in the accident.

Similarly, it has been interesting seeing the articles giving "updates" on the Khmer Rouge Trial this month (like this one here). The problem is, there are no trial proceedings this month--at least not until March 30. It's easy to understand then, that writers don't get all the details right about the mood or scene in the "audience" at the courtroom, or their assessment of spectators outside.

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