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Monday, March 30, 2009

Khmer Rouge Tribunal Coverage SUCKS

I’ve been reading the “updates” on news sites for the last 3 days as the khmer rouge trial starts up again. It is exactly the same story they ran a dozen times last month. There is no news or summary of what’s actually going on in the trial. It’s simply the same background story with the paragraphs re-ordered, summarizing who Duch is and what he is charged with. It underscores the fact that CNN, FOX, BBC and others don't have a reporter actually covering the momentous event. Instead, like most important events, the news for the entire world is written by only one or two biased reporters, when then sell their stories to thousands of media outlets around the world that in turn add their own bias on top of it. Investigative journalism is dead because media outlets simply dish out what was already served to them on a platter.

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