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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Literate in Cham

As of today, after just less than a month of study, I'm proud to say I can read Cham script. I'm one of not only a small handful of foreigners who can read Cham (the others probably all PhD students), but a small group of people who can read it at all. The benefits? Along with further vocabulary comprehension, this allows me to read signs, inscriptions, steles and histories for myself, without having to take someone else's word that the translations are accurate (usually they are not). It gives me an invaluable insight into the Cham culture and history that I could have no other way.


Unknown said...

yhaaaayyyyy! this is great! now u can get much more interesting things from this culture!!! my respect

Po Bhaddravar said...

Wahhh, Adam to Nghai lo! btw you should visit the Cham people in Chau Doc many of them are a strict type of Islam but try to hold onto there culture you'll notice the difference in the way we speak cham too

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