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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Binh Thuan Not Protecting Its Coral Reefs

For the seven years that I've been in Binh Thuan, there have always been coral stands--by the dozens, on display beside Highway 1A, hawking poached corals to Vietnamese tourists. It's obvious that these pristine specimens, bleached and dyed, were plucked live from the reefs and did not die and wash up on the shore naturally. It is a shame that at Ca Na, where one of the best reefs in the country is to be found (which isn't saying much any more), that the locals are seeking to destroy the reef and in doing so, their own economic futures. The reef could be promoted as a major tourism point of interest, particularly with the included island and cham temples.

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Stefan said...

Typical vietnamese thinking. Only think till tomorrow, not further.

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