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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lotteria Phan Thiet Upgrades

Serious Mega Kudos and Dittos to Lotteria Phan Thiet. After featuring soft-serve ice cream on their menu for two or three years, ice cream is indeed finally now available at the location in the COOP Supermarket downtown. Besides cones and dishes (with or without chocolate sauce), there are now Dairy Queen-style blizzards in flavors of green tea, oreo, chocolate chip, peanut and rainbow sprinkles (isn't that just confectioner's wax and food coloring?). While the ice cream isn't quite on par with Dairy Queen (which doesn't do business in Vietnam yet), it's overall pretty good.

Lotteria isn't the first vendor to sell soft-serve. There are a few street vendors selling ice cream near schools and internet cafes downtown. However, whether you order chocolate, strawberry or vanilla (all in infant-size servings), it all seems to taste like durian.

Also of note, Lotteria has apparently doubled the size of their soft drink cups--and no more handing customers just half a glass when you order no ice! Great job guys! And don't miss the new line of double burgers with cheese! Mmm mmm bulgogi burgers!


Stefan said...

Hey Adam,

Regarding Loteria and only giving you a half a cup of coke when you order without ice, they still do it, i was there yesterday with my friend and we both ordered without ice and we both got half a cup. I got a bit mad as i just read that yesterday that they don't do that anymore, the girl apologized and refilled my friend's and my cup to the max.

Adam Bray said...

That stinks but glad you stuck to your guns and made them fill it all the way. It's the only way to train them.

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