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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Texting from a Motorbike

Very good article from NPR on the problem of not only cell-phoning but texting while driving a motorbike. Yes, it is very common. The only thing I don't like is the way the reporter has now made that girl a scapegoat for a national problem. Stories like this can have repercussions so its not exactly a nice thing to do to her, even if she is a bit dumb.

Read the story here.


Stefan said...

i have seen that many times around phan thiet and mui ne and it always gets me angry, but there are other things which vietnamese like to do while driving too, like read a interesting book, or play with your baby while driving instead of watching the road or like yesterday again, drunk driving.

Yesterday there was a horrible crash near your bar, a bus hit a motorbike, and drove over the guy, i just heard a cracking sound, really loud and this was not a sound of platic hitting on concrete, i was sitting in the beach break bar and could see clearly what happened, but i dont know if the guy survived or not, but the waitress in the bar who ran over to help, i said, what the hell is she going to do, said, he was drunk and he was lucky, but with a smile, in asia a smile doesnt only mean that its true. so i dont know, but i also dont want to know, what is know is, that the police came a half hour later and they all seemed they were woken up from their deep sleep, not very professional. when will the government of phan thiet finally understand that having accidents from tired bus drivers and drunk motorbike drivers doesnt really improve the image.
I see it already coming, ham tien will become like pattaya, just without the girls standing on street, but for that you have the xe om guys. when will they finally notice that tourists dont choose mui ne as a beachresort destination anymore, they would rather go to nha trang

Adam Bray said...

Hi Stefan, Thanks for that. Yes, the number of accidents are very troubling, and unfortunately I don't know if there is a threshold any more that will convince the powers that be that something must be done. Their only answer seems to be to try to keep foreigners from driving. That's fine and dandy but we've had so many foreigners killed or seriously injured this year as PEDESTRIANS hit by VIETNAMESE drivers that it kind shoots a whole in that process.

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