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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Expats Fear Deportation During Increased Visa Restrictions

Well, I wish they'd used more intelligent-sounding quotes, but here's my contribution to Thanh Nien's latest story on the Vietnam Visa/Work Permit drama.

I did tell the reporter, which didn't make it in the story, that the local Phan Thiet immigration office is actually pretty friendly, helpful and they even speak English. Local paperwork and red tape is not so much a concern, but rather the regular threats from MOLISA in Hanoi, and prospects for future changes in the law and enforcement.


markee said...

Hi Adam,

They quoted you as being an Australian tourist guide. I thought you were a US expat. Anyways, the HCMC authority finally accepted my WP package so that means I passed the first hurdle. Now to wait 30 days for a decision. So far, it has taken me close to 2.5 yrs to get to this point. I feel bad for others who are currently going through this. The best solution is to rid of the duplicity. Oh, and the physical at Columbia costs $100. You can get it at Cho Ray for half of that. I'll let you know in May whether they will approve it.

Adam Bray said...

Yes I think they were talking about someone else but edited the statement poorly so it ran together.

Thanks for your update. Good luck!

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