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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mui Ne Bloodbath: Stop the Violence: Support the Grassroots Road Safety Campaign

Yet another killed by an automobile last night--our friendly street-cart corn seller. Another tourist was killed a week ago. This has been the bloodiest tourist season in Mui Ne ever, and I kinda have to wonder if it's the most foreigners killed in one city in Vietnam since the war. Folks we've had SEVERAL tourists killed or gravely injured almost EVERY WEEK since the season began last fall. Vietnamese are killed several times a week.

1. Please, please, please, do not drive yourself in Mui Ne unless you have a vietnamese license and several years of experience. Not by car and not by motorbike.

2. Please, please, please, stay on the sidewalk. MANY of the tourist deaths have been pedestrians. Stay alert when near the street!

3. As much as I hate to say it, bicycling really isn't safe in Mui Ne. Strongly consider it before you do it, and please do not let your children ride alone.

4. Though I really dislike Mai Linh and have witnessed them do hit-and-run accidents, they are much safer than going by motorbike driver.

5. If you are drinking, please do not walk long distances back to your room. Take a taxi.

6. If you think your driver is driving too fast, SPEAK UP. Make them slow down. Complain to your hotel if they arranged the driver. Refuse to pay if they don't slow down.

Many of the business owners/managers in Mui ne are banding together this week to start a grass roots road safety campaign, whether the local officials like it or not. You may see posters and brochures and other activities. Please help us support the effort.


Bee said...

I enjoy your blog very much. I went to Mui Ne in December 2009 and loved it so much that I went back for February. But yeah, the traffic situation on the main road is ridiculous. Speeding garbage trucks barreling down there at 70 kmh?!! Where does the garbage have to get to so quickly?

I do hope they think about a simple solution and install speed bumps every 500 metres. Cheap to install, and it would solve the problem. It really is crazy what is going on there.

Keep the blog going...I enjoy it.

Adam Bray said...

Thanks Bee! I appreciate your comments. I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks so hope to resume normal blogging habits in a few days. You can also follow me on Twitter at, though of course Twitter posts by nature are a bit superficial due to the size limits--but it's good for quick thoughts that don't quite merit a full blog post. Like my blog I try to keep it mostly about Vietnam and travel.

Unknown said...

It's so sad to know about this fact in Mui Ne. I've been obsessed with the traffic to/from Mui Ne as the news have reported many bus accidents, but now it is even sadder and scarier to know that traffic in Mui Ne itself is not safe at all. I'm a native but still your piece of info freaks me out. I don't even know if I should or will be able to drive when I'm there. Thanks for the tips, anyway.

Also, I enjoy your blog very much. I'm planning a trip to Mui Ne based on the info on your website only since I find it truly reliable and has everything I need to know about the place. Keep the good work up. Thank you!

Adam Bray said...

Thanks Quynh! I appreciate your comments & support.

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