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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Complaints from a Tourist in Mui Ne

I received this complaint today, which I'm sorry to say isn't so unusual about establishments around the country:

"I recently spent 3 days at Romana Resort & Spa and was sadly disappointed. The staff were very friendly which was nice but they were not trained and many things in the resort didn't work. Before we went there we enquired about wifi and we were advised they had wifi in the room but, of course that was a sham as it didn't work. The same lame Vietnamese excuse was given to us - "We have a problem with wifi in the room but we have at reception or in the restaurant. The restaurant didn't work and at reception we had to continually ask to connect. Our aircon continually turned itself off through the night (no it was not on a timer) and it was hot and when we left we asked for a car to take us to the highway to meet the bus from Sinh Cafe (never ride with them again) but the car mysteriously became unavailable at the time we were about to leave, even though it sat idle for hours before. There is a sign at the highway which says the resort is 700 metres away but it is actually 1.4 kilometres. When we came to Mui Ne with Sinh Cafe bus we were told they would deliver us to our resort but instead they dropped us at the highway in the middle of the day and we had to walk there. Later, when we booked out, Sinh Cafe said they would call us and say when the bus left their depot so we would know when to go to the highway but of course they didn't, (more Vietnamese lies) but luckily I had anticipated their incompetence and went there in time.More typical Vietnamese lies (service). In a nutshell, I will never stay at Romana again and I will never travel on Sinh Cafe buses again. I am very tired of Vietnamese liars and as a tourist, I will always tell others about the lack of service here and advise anyone to go elsewhere instead. Vietnam does not deserve tourists dollars. KW"

What's your reaction?


drifter1dc said...

For one thing Vietnam's tour industry is in the developing stages. The level of service is commensorate with what you pay. At all the 5 star resorts you get supreme service but if you pay less you usually get less. I never expect anything at the budget places I stay and that way I am pleasantly surprised when I get more.

Karen Gulliver said...

So we can only expect the truth when we pay top dollar for it? Bull. I've had the same experiences in Vietnam. Why don't elevators, toilets, and aircon work in a country that has kept gear from the 1970's running for 30+ years? Because locals don't use the infrastructure tourists use and staff could care less. This is why 90% of tourists to Vietnam never return. Develop your industry on that.

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