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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Circumvent Vietnam Facebook Block

Having trouble getting on Facebook again in Vietnam?

Try Hotspot Shield:

You'll have to download the program, install, then double-click (load) it each time before you try to get on Basically it throws up a "shield" allowing you to get around the block. It works by cloaking your DNS or some such.

It will throw up a few advertisements while you use it (a small price to pay). To get rid of those, simply disconnect when you are done with Facebook. You do this by right-clicking on the little Hotspot Shield icon in the bottom right corner of you desktop (Windows).

Additionally, you may want to consider using the facebook app (plugin) Selective Tweets, if you use Twitter:
With this easy add-on, all you do on Twitter is add the #fb hashtag, which allows you to selectively post your tweets to your Facebook status update without actually logging into Facebook.

Hope this helps... for a while.


MicEdwards said...

Your post is a bit late. Facebook has been unblocked for most users in Vietnam.

Adam Bray said...

Yes & No. Unblocked in parts of Saigon & Hanoi yes--but most people in the provinces still can't access Facebook. It just happens most English speakers live in those two cities so they don't hear what's going on in the rest of the country.

Viet Mav said...

That is right. I was in a providence just outside of Saigon when you posted this. The providence was blocked for my entire stay and was still blocked when I left in early February. I have heard that Fb is hiring people specifically for Vietnam, so hopefully it will open up for the country in the future.

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