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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mui Ne & Nha Trang Beach Hospitality Property Gossip

Many of Mui Ne's original businesses will be running to the end of their leases over the next two years. Its no surprise. Mui Ne's getting older. The prices in rent might shock however. Rumor has it that some properties will increase their monthly rent by factors of 10-12, compared to previous leases.

On to brands. One new international hotel brand is coming to Mui Ne this year. Another well-known brand is leaving.  A third is changing its name.

The City of Nha Trang is rumored to be making major changes to the beachfront that will forever alter the character of the city. Perhaps its a reaction to National Geographic. But is it a step in the right--or the wrong--direction? Goodbye Nha Trang as we knew it.

Feel free to post speculations about what I'm referring to in the comments below. I might be able to confirm one or two things if you are correct, but others will have to wait...

One I can confirm: Sankara changed management and much of the staff recently. Best wishes to the previous team and the new one. It's undoubtedly a tough transition for the new management, as Sankara, along with its neighbors, lost a big chunk of its beachfront very suddenly. Fortunately the seas have settled down so folks can catch their breath and repair damages.


Owen said...

So far it looks like many of the changes in Nha Trang have been for the good. There are trash bins along the beach where there used t be none. With the completion of the super hotels in the main beach area is sure to be more commercialization. Thankfully the more native beach on the north side of the Tran Phu bridge has resisted such change........ so far.


Owen said...

For the better so far.... but we will see. There are now daily cleaning crews and fixed garbage bins. The main beach area has undercon a clean up and many of the things that people used to negatively comment about have been addressed Who knows what the cmpletion of the mega hotels across from the beach will bring? We have been able to resist on the north side of the Tran Phu Bridge, but it is most likely only a matter of time before our beach is approached by some large hotel chain with money in it fist. I can hear the whispers of SELL SELL all around.


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