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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inauguration Ceremony of the Long Wall of Quang Ngai

Earlier this month I was invited by the government of Quang Ngai Province to attend the inauguration ceremony of The Long Wall of Quang Ngai to become a National Heritage Monument. This included a seminar on 6-7 May about the development of the Long Wall for tourism, followed by the actual ceremony on 8 May. Below are photos from the event.

Here I am at a 500-year-old fort near the wall.

Local Hre ethnic minority members, invited to the ceremony and holding the National Heritage certificate.

The National Flag, adding some, perspective, to the event.

Exaltation of the National Heritage certificate.

Drummers imitating the ethnic Hre musical style.

Christopher Young from English Heritage making recommendations on preservation of the wall, based on his experience with Hadrian's Wall in the UK.

Here I am (you can see my bald head on the left in the middle) at the government meetings about The Long Wall. I'm so generously seated on the left, next to the VIP speakers. On the right are the 'old guard;' that is, the retired government leadership who still wield considerable influence. Standing up in the middle is Mr. Son, the Vice Chairman of the People's Committee (the governing board of the province). To his left is Dr. Hardy, the remarkable archaeologist who discovered The Long Wall.

Again you can just barely see me seated in the middle left. These two photos above come from the local newspapers.

For more, check out other entries on this blog for Quang Ngai, as well as the new website for the Long Wall at


ferni69 said...

do u have the coordinates for the wall...Trying to look for it in google earth!!

Adam Bray said...

I'll probably be posting a few in the near future so stay tuned. I'm told you can see a few sections on Google earth, but you really have to know what you are looking for because its hard to tell the difference between the wall and a road/path or river/stream at those resolutions.

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