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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quang Ngai, the Lost Photos

While in Quang Ngai I did some scouting to get photos from the Province's lovely countryside and visit their beautiful hill tribe villages. I'll just say it was a very eventful day.

Following the river along an ancient trade route into the mountains. It was used by Chinese merchants to trade with hill tribes like the Hre, Ca Dong, Cor, Sedang, Bahnar and others. These villages still exist.

The river valley extends in the other direction to the far distance, where a village of stilt houses sits on its banks.

This was one of the rare villages I've encountered where the residents spoke very little Vietnamese at all. I don't just mean they had their own, separate minority language. Thats normal. These people could hardly understand any of the Vietnamese my local friends were speaking at all.

Carving the road out of the mountainside and clearing landslides. Difficult driving.

Shall we cross?

Beautiful storehouses in a hill tribe village. In other villages inhabited by different tribes, these don't necessarily serve a practical purpose. In fact they may hold offerings for spirits.

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