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Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Zealand Wildlife Photos (Part 2 of 2)

Below are a few more wildlife photos that I took on a recent trip to New Zealand. I tool the first 8 in Dunedin, a refuge for penguins, seals and the Royal Albatross. I saw all of these with Monarch Wildlife Cruises & Tours, and highly recommend them for your visit to Dunedin.

A crested Penguin in rehab at Penguin Place.

A New Zealand Fur Seal taking a nap.

A Yellow-eyed penguin baby taking a nap while it waits for its parents.

A yellow-eyed penguin waiting for mom & dad to return home with dinner.

An adorable Welcome swallow.

A young Yellow-eyed penguin up close.

New Zealand fur seals fighting over the best rock to sun on.

A Royal Albatross in flight.

A pair of Pukekos, a friendly and inquisitive native bird, in Rotorua.

A rare Tuatara at the Wellington Zoo. Tuatara are native to New Zealand and highly endangered. They are not a lizard. Rather, they are the sole living representative of a group of reptiles distinct from snakes, lizards, turtles and crocodilians. It actually has a third eye covered by a scale in the middle of it's head! The exact purpose of the third eye is not understood.

Shags nesting in a cliff-face.

A learned a long time ago that zoos are a great way to see the local wildlife in any country. Many zoos (outside the US) specialize in local wildlife collections. Auckland Zoo has fantastic enclosures with local birdlife (including a walk-through Kiwi enclosure).

Need to book your New Zealand hotels? I recommend Agoda for the lowest hotel rates world-wide. In Dunedin I stayed at LivingSpace and LOVED it.

Visit Tourism New Zealand’s website for more information too:

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