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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo of the Day: SobeRing Thought, Beer of Hobbits

SobeRing Thought, the official beer of Lord of the Rings, was drunk by the actors on set while filming. Peter Jackson wanted an authentic experience to inspire the actors so, I'm told, he bought a local Brewery and crafted a beer with something like 1% alcohol. When filming was over, so the story goes, he sold the brewery back to the owner. I'm told that Harrington's is a brand of Speight's. I tried a bottle myself (pictured here in front of the Misty Mountains or rather The Remarkables in Queenstown) and honestly it tasted pretty bad. It was a bit like club soda with a few teaspoons of beer added. SobeRing Thought is quite hard to find--I'm not even sure if it is still actively brewed--but I got my bottles at the Nomad Safari shop in Queenstown earlier this year. I haven't heard whether the beer is in use on the sets of The Hobbit, but it is quite possible.

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