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Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Late-night Guest

To a long tradition of hosting bats, snakes, giant spiders and scorpions, mice, rats and other wriggly creepy-crawlies, I can now add this fine chap… and I’d say he ranks right up there with the Malayan pit viper and the half-a-dozen little satanic bat babies that scurried across the floor every time I opened my house door. Imagine turning your lights on to go to the potty late at night (and thank God you did turn your lights on and not just wander in there sight-unseen) and find this gentleman at nearly a foot long—his legs the size of chopsticks and his body as big around as a jumbo hotdog. Even in zoos and museums, specimen jars and photos, I’d never seen one so big (those are jumbo tiles he’s standing on too—not the little ones).

The bites of centipedes are highly toxic and extremely painful, although not normally fatal. Allergies to the venom can exacerbate the reaction.


Unknown said...

Ok, I 'll take your word that those are JUMBO tiles but couldn't you have used a chopstick or jumbo hotdog for scale?

Adam Bray said...

I was so freaked out it didn't occur to me--almost didn't even get these shots. He was very fast and very aggressive if I got close. I was afraid he'd bite. It was the biggest one I'd ever seen and I never expected it to be so methodical and quick in its movements. Really horrifying to have in the room.

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