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Friday, July 10, 2009

Central Highlands Roadtrip Part 2: Dak Lak Province

Dak Lak Province is north of Lam Dong. It was once Vietnam's largest province, but was split in half a number of years ago to create Dak Nong province to the south. The capital, Buon Mat Thuat is famous for coffee, and one of the world's top growers of the beans. The province is politically volatile, and the government only allows foreigners to visit a limited number or locations.

Traditional M'Nong long house on stilts at Lak Lake.

Visiting M'Nong villages by dug-out canoe

A rare white buffalo and baby.

M'Nong longhouse. The M'Nong in this village were relocated here by the government.

M'Nong woman herding cattle.

Water Buffalo on Lak Lake

Riding an elephant in Yuk Don National Park. The staff and facilities at Yuk Don are exceptional, but the park is still somewhat disappointing. The local government will not allow foreigners to explore the center of the park, or go anywhere in the area without a guide. Foreigners are limited to the buffer area of the park, where most wildlife or interesting plant life is entirely absent. It's great for elephant rides and bird watching though.

Drey Sap Waterfall in Dak Lak

Traditional Ede village longhouse on stilts

Traditional Ede longhouse on stilts

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