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Friday, July 10, 2009

Central Highlands Roadtrip Part 4: Kontum to Quang Ngai

Reminder: I'm posting this trip in reverse order of the normal Blog flow because it makes more sense for reading. The last leg of my Central Highlands Road trip took me from Kon Tum to Quang Ngai. Quang Ngai is East of Kon Tum. Half of the province is mountainous and inhabited by hill tribes like the H're, Bahnar, Koor and others.

My motorbike was weighted down at this point with numerous gifts an souvenirs: Ruou Can, baskets, textiles and other items.

A M'Nong village. The M'Nong occupied the mountain peaks between Kon Tum and Quang Ngai. These folks were NOT friendly, which I found very strange. Even the children scowled and would not say hello or wave.

A sign in the village, paraphrased, reads "If you keep farm animals under your house they will make you very sick."

M'Nong communal meeting house, similar to the Bahnar Rong House

The H're villages are tightly packed on little hillocks amid rice paddies in the valleys. The bamboo and wooden longhouses have odd columns of carved windows.

From here, the road extended a few more hours to Quang Ngai, where I caught the train all the way back to Phan Thiet. The train station in Quang Ngai was less than convenient though. It was bustling and crowded. I was told that passengers could not ride on the same train as cargo, so I had to send my motorbike a day earlier than I departed. The ride back to Phan Thiet was 11hrs.

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