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Friday, July 10, 2009

Central Highlands Roadtrip Part 3: Plei Ku and Kontum

I considered staying the night in Plei Ku, but folks there confirmed that local police will not allow foreigners to go anywhere in the province of Gia Lai except the highway and the city itself, without a licensed government tour guide. So, I continued on to Kontum, where I was allowed to travel with more, though not complete freedom.

Ho Bien, or Sea Lake in a volcanic crater, north of Plei Ku.

Lovely jarai ladies heading home from working all day in the forest.

Bahnar Rong House in Kon Tum

Traditional Bahnar stilt house in Kon Tum

The beautiful wooden Catholic seminary in Kon Tum, built by the French.

Wooden church in Kon Tum, built by the French

Traditional Bahnar Stilt House

Communal meeting house in a Bahnar Village in Kon Tum

Drinking Ruou Can or Bamboo/Jar wine with friends

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