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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bia Hoi

Read the Wall Street Journal Article Here

Very informative article about Bia Hoi vs the onslaught of foreign beers. Bia Hoi is definitely a very good bargain, although vendors are caught from time to time, and noted in the Vietnamese "state-run" media (as opposed to the American "state-run" media) adding formaldehyde in small quantities as a preservative. I'm afraid the prime beer-drinking age extends far beyond the 20-40 range mentioned in the article--in fact I'd wager teenagers and 50-somethings consume much more than the latter group in Vietnam.

I just saw an amusing ad for Miller Beer here (as well as some banner ads at a shopping center), declaring that "Miller is American Time." I guess this is a twist on their old slogan, "It's Miller Time," and trying to play on the idea that Vietnamese often think anything American always has to be better... Oddly though, alcohol can't be mentioned on cable TV in Vietnam. Every time Discovery Travel and Living has a segment on alcohol for example (whether it be an episode of Globe Trekker, Samantha Brown, Hanoi's own Bobby Chinn, or Anthony Bourdain) there's suddenly 10 minutes of rainbow bars on the screen.

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