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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eat Me! ...and All My 8 Legs!

Doesn't he just scream "Eat Me!"? No? He sure does to a lot of Cambodians. Is it ethical to eat these tarantulas though? Apparently most or all are caught from the wild, and are consumed in large numbers. I don't think anybody breeds them in Cambodia. It's hard to imagine there are THAT many left in the wild, but I don't know. I've been all over the jungles in Vietnam, and a little bit in Cambodia, and never seen a wild one myself.

In case you are wondering, this fellow (or is it a she?) was docile & gentle--a lovely creature actually. But then again he'd had much of his spirit pounded out of him by the little Cambodian girl who had played with him for hours. I'm not sure if they are more aggressive when first caught. He certainly showed no interest in biting me.


Unknown said...

I really hope that's not your hand. ***shivers***

Adam Bray said...

It sure is! My first time holding one too. What helped was, I'd already decided I would hold one before I came to Cambodia this time around. It really was a darling. Really changed my thinking on spiders. I've always hated and been terrified of them till now.

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