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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Videos from the Long Wall of Quang Ngai

Below are a couple of videos from the Long Wall of Quang Ngai; Vietnam's own recently-discovered 'great wall.' I was the first journalist to visit the wall and I also reported on it for CNN and BBC. These videos show a few sections of the wall and ongoing archaeology at the site. Visit for more information and links to stories in the media. Also, if you live in Vietnam, be sure to get a copy of the January-February issue of East West Traveler Magazine. I explore the regional-historical significance of the Long Wall for Central Vietnam, talk about who the builders (the Hre) actually are, and disclose the Cham connection. Much of this is information written about for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

Really neat info. Another great wall has been found. I hope they will fix it up and let tourists wander along the path there, put up signs telling of its history, have a museum, nice benches for folks to rest, and make it very tourist friendly, and carefully preserve it. Great job - keep the spot light going.

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